KANGEN WATER (H.K.) LTD. recognizes the benefits of high quality ionized “restorative” water for drinking and everyday usage to our health. We have identified the great local demand for high standard drinking water a long time ago. All our products are made in Japan. They are quality and reliable.

After years of efforts, KANGEN WATER (HK) LTD. has successfully established professional sales teams. We have set up a number of local branches. Now, we have achieved great success in Hong Kong and share up to 80% of local market. We are committed to introduce products of high standard and stability to clear-sighted consumers who would like to live a good quality life.

This site aims to promote the usage of Kangen water, ionized “restorative” water, for two main reasons. Firstly, Kangen water is the only type of drinking water of which its medical usages have been publicly endorsed by Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine For Adult Disease. Secondly, there are both theoretical and clinical scientific bases which support the practical usage of Kangen water.
Kangen water contains active hydrogen and healing power like “Miracle water” does. For this reason, we believe that Kangen water is a kind of “man-made Miracle water”. Kangen water is predicted to become a necessity in every single family in the future. In addition to the promotion of Kangen water usage, we provide objective and scientific knowledge about Kangen water, as well as useful information for healthy life.
Enagic's own factory is located in Osaka, Japan. Although more and more Japanese companies are moving their factories offshore, Enagic decides to employ our production of all products, including their major components such as electrode boards and cartridges, in Japan to maintain our prestigious label “Made In Japan”.
In recent years, KANGEN WATER (HK) LTD. has set up branches in different parts of the world to satisfy people’s needs.

Enagic Singapore Pte Ltd.
111 North Bridge Road, #25-04 Peninsula Plaza Singapore 179098

Enagic Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
Unit 29-7, The Boulevard Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Enagic Korea Co.,Ltd
7F Heeseung BD, 118-3, Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-gu Seoul, Korea 135-810

Enagic Taiwan Co., Ltd.
Asia World Bldg. 12B, 337, Sec.3, Nanjing E.Rd. (7th Blvd.) Sungshan block, Taipei,Taiwan

Enagic Australia Pty Ltd
Suite 15, 33 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113 Australia

Enagic Philippines
21F 6788 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines

Enagic Japan Co.Ltd.
Echizenya Bldg. 7/F, 1-1-6 Kyobashi,Chuo-ku,Tokyo

Enagic Okinawa Branch
4-10-1 Makmimato Urazoe, Okinawa

Enagic Osaka Factory , Inc.
1-4-1 Hoshida-kita, Katano City, Osaka

Enagic USA, Inc.
4115 Spencer Street Torrance, CA 90503-2419

Enagic Canada Corp.
5900 No.3 Road, Suite #678 Richmond, BC V6X 3P7 Canada

Enagic Europe GmbH
Immermannstr.33, 40210 Dusseldorf Germany

Enagic Mexico
Av Vasconcelos 345 col Santa Engracia San Pedro Garza Garcia Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Enagic Italy S.r.l.
Via Leone XIII 95 00165 Roma Italia

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