Q1 What is the difference between calcium ion in electrolytic water and calcium in medicine?
Although the same is calcium, the properties are completely different. Calcium carbonate and calcium lactate for medical use, etc., due to the presence of acid radicals, poor absorption effect, and need to be taken in large quantities, will have an uncomfortable feeling on the chest and stomach, it is difficult to access, and there will be Deposition phenomenon, because of its acidic stability, will bring the above obstacles. The calcium ion of electrolytic ionized water, which contains no acid radicals and is not stable, is easy to absorb and neutralize acidic toxins in the body. Increased oxygen fusion, coupled with high electrical conductivity, exerts superior absorption in the human body.
Q2 After the heating of electrolyzed water or after a period of time, will the reduction potential chan
The main characteristics of electrolytic alkaline water are: (1) Alkaline (2) is small molecule group water (3) has anti-oxidation and reduction potential. In the process of placing or heating, its reduction potential is reduced due to oxidation, and its negative potential will decrease rapidly. Usually after 6 hours, its potential will be reduced. Once it is boiled, its reduction potential will be converted into oxidation potential. Alkaline and small molecule water properties will not change.
Q3 What is the difference between solution water and RO reverse osmosis pure water?
Electrolyzed water utilizes the principle of electrolysis (ie, the redox effect) to divide the neutrality of tap water into alkaline and acidic, while alkaline water contains smaller water molecules, higher concentration of ion minerals, and a reduction potential containing negative potentials. Can eliminate the body's active oxygen, neutralize acidification and promote metabolism.
The acid water part contains acid ions (sulfur, chlorine, and other acid radicals) in the water and has a practical function of disinfection, sterilization, and cleaning. Reverse osmosis is the use of high concentration to the principle of low concentration of infiltration, the impurities in the water filter which contains sediment, minerals, bacteria, etc., filtered water is close to the pure water is weakly acidic water easier to cause cardiovascular symptoms! For the elderly and children, regular drinking is not recommended.
Q4 Isn't there always a dizzying reaction when drinking Reduced Water®?
Because of the individual's physical characteristics, some initial drinking alkaline electrolytic ionized water may cause some phenomena. After drinking, the body will feel a slight reaction for a short time. This is not a side effect after eating, but an improvement phenomenon. Dizziness"
Finding the cause of glare:
1. Reduced Water® has strong dissolution and penetration. It can remove toxins, wastes, and foreign matter from the body and excrete it from the excreta. Therefore, it has diuretic function, the feces can become watery, or can be discharged through a perspiration system.
2. Restore Water ® generates effective "calcium ions" that gradually return to normal the viscera, which was not normal or has ceased operation in the past, giving people a sense of discomfort. For example, there will be abdominal pain in the stomach and intestines, but it will cause abdominal pain or diarrhea when the stomach starts to move, while others will cause pain or a temporary increase in rash, slight swelling of hands and feet due to the movement of toxins in the body.
The main symptoms of dizziness are as follows:
Symptoms: dry throat, frequent urine, easy to sleep during the day, often fart
Symptoms: The head will feel heavy and dizziness will last about one to two weeks
Symptoms: The chest can feel boring, feverish, and can't eat more.
Symptoms: A painful or depressed feeling in the ulcer site
Symptoms: Slight stomach discomfort, want to vomit
Symptoms: want to vomit, skin itching or rash
Symptoms: Sometimes there will be bloodshot or blood clots in a bowel movement
Symptoms: Reduced protein, edema of the face, and slight swelling in the feet
Symptoms: Increased sugar in the urine, edema of hands and feet
Symptoms: Bleeding in Defecation
Symptoms: It will increase slightly in the early stages and it will soon disappear.
Symptoms: There will be dry mouth, dizziness and phlegm not easy to cough like
Symptoms: Itchy skin at the initial stage, but it tends to ease for up to three to seven days
Symptoms: Dry mouth, dreaminess, stomach discomfort
Symptoms: The affected area is slightly sore
Gout and on-month wind: There will be systemic weakness or soreness, but it will gradually disappear after two to four days.
※ Supplementary explanation: The stigma reaction usually disappears in the first to two weeks, while the more intense period is only two to five days. Of course, not everyone has this phenomenon, but varies according to individual physique, but In any case, the symptoms will not deteriorate.
Those who respond more strongly show that their own health conditions are not good and they do not need to be overly alarmed. This reaction sometimes does not happen immediately. It will take a while to produce, and then it will gradually improve. It usually takes two to three weeks.
Q5 What is strong acidic water (non-drinkable)?
This is the use of ordinary tap water, add a small amount of salt (salt), water generated by electrolysis. The addition of salt, mainly to promote the speed of the electrolysis generated by the water, pH value of pH2.5 and oxidation-reduction potential of +1100mV or more, can effectively eliminate bacteria, most bacteria can effectively remove in ten seconds.
Suitable for cleaning wounds, sterilizing utensils or general sterilization purposes. (There are many hospitals and research institutes in Japan that have used strong acidic water (non-drinking) as disinfection and sterilization purposes)
Q6 What are the benefits of reducing potential electrons to the body?
(1) The pathogenic factor that can eliminate human body ---- Free radicals
(2) Abnormal fermentation of stomach can be inhibited and the positive effect of microbiota can be improved
(3) Antioxidant prevents cell aging
(4) Remove body chemicals and acid toxicity
Q7 In addition to drinking water, what is the purpose of Kangen Water®?
Kangen Water® can also be used to cook soups, make tea, make coffee, or mix wine, which can increase the taste and make it more delicious.
Q8 What's a good place to Kangen Water®?
Electrolyzed Kangen Water® has at least three different characteristics from normal water:
1. It contains richer soluble minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and other beneficial ions, and removes harmful ions such as acid chloride, sulfuric acid and nitric acid.
2. The composition of the water molecules in Reduced Water® is reduced from the average of 13 to 6, which makes it easier for water molecules to enter and leave the cells.
3. The redox potential is reversed from +500mv to -250mv to -450mv, which contributes to the elimination of excess free radicals.
Q9 Is Kangen Water® Alkalinic drinking for a long period of time that causes gastric juice to be dilute
The pH is calculated as the hydrogen ion concentration. The pH difference is one and the hydrogen ion concentration is ten times different.

High pH → low hydrogen ion concentration (alkaline)
Low pH → high hydrogen ion concentration (acidic)
Q10 Can Kangen Water® take normal health foods or Chinese medicine?
Need to Kangen Water® can not be used to take Western medicine, but for natural health foods or traditional Chinese medicine there is no such doubts, because the water molecules of the Kangen Water® small can release the Chinese herbal medicine and accelerate the absorption of natural health foods.
Therefore, it is possible to use the Restore Water® to take health food or Chinese medicine.
Q11 Can Kangen Water® be used for Western medicine?
There are two possibilities for using Western medicine with Kangen Water®:
1. The main components of Western medicine are mostly acidic chemicals, so it is not appropriate to use alkaline water to take medicine. Because the alkaline is easy to neutralize acidic western medicine, the reduction potential is also easy to change the chemical structure of the drug, so it will reduce the efficacy.
2. Due to the fact that the water-reducing water molecule group is smaller than normal water and has strong dissolving power and penetrating power, taking Western medicine with Reduced Water® may lead to accelerated drug dissolution, increased drug strength, and shortened drug use. Effectiveness, such as; the original efficacy is 8 hours, may lead to shorten the drug to 4 hours, easily lead to physical discomfort. Therefore, Restore Water® cannot be used for medication.

Please use clean water for taking medicine or rinsing milk!
Q12 How does Kangen Water® improve blood sugar symptoms?
Kangen Water® active hydrogen neutralizes free radicals and prevents free radicals from destroying beta cells, so it can effectively improve blood sugar symptoms.
Q13 What should I do when I start to drink Kangen Water®?
In general, drinking electrolytic reduced water ® must be performed gradually. At the beginning, the pH should be set low (pH 8.0 or pH 8.5) to start drinking. You can start drinking about pH 9.0 after about a week or so, and drink as soon as you can.

Children and the elderly also need to drink in a step-by-step manner, and infants (from birth to 1 week) do not recommend Drinking Water® because most of them are breast milk and milk, and the function of the intestine is different from that of adults. As adults are used to eating, there is no problem. However, Restore Water® must not be used as a baby or infant formula.
Q14 Can your filter completely remove impurities, bacteria, heavy metals and chlorine from the water?
Yes, our filter core is passed through 46 rigorous tests conducted by the Japan Food Analysis Association and the Water Research Institute, so it can be used with peace of mind.
Q15 Is there strong acid water (non-drinking) other than reducing skin symptoms?
Such as periodontal disease, gingivitis, etc. also have a great effect, as long as the brush after the use of strong acidic water (non-drinking) gargle, you can eliminate bacteria, and no residual tartar, keep healthy teeth. In addition, cleaning foods, dishes, pots and pans have the effect of disinfecting and sterilizing, which is of great help to the protection of hygiene.
Q16 What is the amazing effect of strong acidic water (non-drinking)?
Mainly in its bactericidal power. The so-called strong acidic water (non-drinking) is PH2.7 or less and the oxidation-reduction potential is +1100 mV or more, while the environment in which bacteria can survive is pH 3 to pH 10, and the oxidation-reduction potential is between -700 mV and +800 mV, so the acidity is strong. Water (non-drinking) can kill bacteria in a matter of seconds, in which the dissolution of chloride can also shorten the sterilization time and enhance its amazing effect.
Q17 Will tooth or gum inflammation be caused by acidic water (not drinkable)?
Yes, with regard to the effectiveness of oral health care, Japan has proven its effectiveness.
Q18 Can I use Kangen Water®?
Please use acidic water (for external use) for watering plants or grass; use Reduced Water® for trees, and adjust the part for plant characteristics.
Q19 What is the difference between washing fruits and vegetables with acid water and reducing water?
The reduced water has a positive effect on the substance, that is, it can improve the taste of the food; the acidic water has a formal function and can enhance the color of the product.
Q20 What is active hydrogen?
Active hydrogen (H.) is not a hydrogen ion (H+) or hydrogen (H2), and an active hydrogen is "atomic hydrogen" rather than a molecular hydrogen or hydrogen ion.
Active hydrogen is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals (OH.) and water (H2O).
Q21 Is there any side effect after using strong acidic water (pH 2.5)?
No side effects, but need to use clean water after use to restore.
※ Comparison table of strong acidic water (pH 2.5) and other bactericidal drugs
Q22 Why is the electrolyzed water acidic or alkaline? What kind of water in the water determines the aci
Electrolyzed water is separated by a membrane, and a direct voltage is applied to the water. Since calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and other minerals in the water accumulate to the cathode, hydroxide ions (OH-) increase to become alkaline water; oxygen, Sulfuric acid, sulfur, etc. are introduced to the anode and hydrogen ions (H+) are added to form acidic water, that is, water (H2O→OH-+H+) is used by the principle of electrical decomposition.
Alkaline Acidic
Because the pH of the water produced by the cathode after electrolysis is relatively high, and calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and other minerals are more, it becomes alkaline water suitable for drinking, and the water produced by the anode has a low PH value and contains sulfuric acid. Roots and other acidic elements are treated as acidic water for beauty and disinfection.
Q23 Why should I drink ORP minus -250mV of water?
First, rapid absorption:
The words "intestinal bacteria," written by the Japanese scholar Professor Guanggang Contents, describe the oxidation potential values ​​of various parts of the digestive tract as follows:
The stomach is +150 mV, the duodenum, jejunum is -50 mV, the ileum is -150 mV, the cecum is -200 mV, and the rectum is -250 mV.
As can be seen from the above data, the fact that the redox potential gradually decreases from +150 mV in the stomach and finally becomes -250 mV in the rectum tells us that if we drink a high-potential "water" after a period of time The time is gradually reduced by the complex redox reaction of the intestinal microflora, and the value has fallen to “-250mV” when it reaches the large intestine, and it is absorbed by the body at this time.
Therefore, drinking water with a low reduction potential (-250 mV) does not require the human body to drop the electric potential and send it to the large intestine for absorption. In the upper digestive tract, that is, at the mouth, esophagus and stomach, it can be quickly absorbed from the mucous membrane. Dispose of old waste.

Second, to increase the number of good bacteria in the intestine and reduce the number of bad bacteria:
There are two kinds of bacteria in the intestine: First, to help digestive bacteria, such as Lactobacillus, Bifius, Alkalophilic-250mV environment

Third, protein spoilage bacteria → eosinophilic +400mv environment
When excessive intake of sweets, meat, protein and other easily lead to indigestion, and when the intestinal decomposition of protein spoilage bacteria caused abnormal stomach fermentation, resulting in acidic substances, so that the intestinal environment into a strong acid, and create harmful body of corruption The toxin sticks to creases in the intestinal wall, so the intestinal wall absorbs toxins for a long time and the blood is contaminated into an acidic, hypoxic blood circulation system. All kinds of chronic symptoms follow. Only long-term consumption of alkalis with a reduction potential (-250 mV) Sexual water makes the intestine environment alkaline, and “helping digestive bacteria” increases. Decomposing putrefactive toxins normalizes the intestines, restores the weak alkalinity of the original blood, and restores health to the body.
Q24 Normal tap water contains minerals. Why does minerals increase after tap water is electrolyzed?
Minerals in tap water are a combination of minerals (containing positive and negative ions). When electrolysis, positive and negative ions are separated and ionized. Normally calcium and magnesium-based alkaline substances increase, and acid radicals decrease slightly. , ±20 PPM is normal.
Q25 Is drinking electrolytic reduced water ® effective for constipation?
With regard to the effectiveness of health care, Japan has confirmed its medical effects because it has not yet been recognized in the country. It is an illegal act to mention the medical effect of Hyosumi®, so please refer to the relevant websites in Japan, related websites in the country, or refer to relevant journals and papers. The academic research website and information will be supplemented in the near future. However, in general, more supplemental moisture and fiber contribute to defecation.
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