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70% of the body composition is water. Water is vital to our life. Drink plenty of water can promote metabolism and detoxification in human bodies, and strengthen our immunity.

Water facilitates bowel movements and blood circulation, helps our bodies to eliminate toxin substances and unwanted materials in everyday life. Effective metabolism prevent toxin substances from accumulating under our skin, hence we don’t have to worry that our skin will become dry, appear dull and lack of luster.

Water helps our bodies to regulate metabolism, and maintain effective detoxification in our bodies. It also helps us to eliminate heavy metals, chemicals, wastes, toxins and other factors which may cause cancers.
Environmental pollution, poor dietary habits (such as smoking, drinking, eating too much meat, etc.), lack of sleep, and stress can cause the body to produce large amounts of free radicals. Excessive free radicals in the body will accelerate the body's oxidation and decline, making the body susceptible to illness and increasing the chance of cancer. Reduced water contains abundant active hydrogen, which can effectively remove excessive free radicals in the body and prevent cells from being destroyed and oxidized. In addition, Kangen Water® is alkaline and neutralizes acid toxicity in the body. Furthermore, Kangen Water® (non-drinkable) contains minerals that have been ionized and easily absorbed by the body. LeveLuk Kangen Water®
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