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70% of the body composition is water. Water is vital to our life. Drink plenty of water can promote metabolism and detoxification in human bodies, and strengthen our immunity.

Water facilitates bowel movements and blood circulation, helps our bodies to eliminate toxin substances and unwanted materials in everyday life. Effective metabolism prevent toxin substances from accumulating under our skin, hence we don’t have to worry that our skin will become dry, appear dull and lack of luster.

Water helps our bodies to regulate metabolism, and maintain effective detoxification in our bodies. It also helps us to eliminate heavy metals, chemicals, wastes, toxins and other factors which may cause cancers.
環境污染、不良的飲食習慣( 如吸煙、飲酒、進食過量肉類等)、睡眠不足、壓力等因素,都會令身體產生大量自由基。體內過多的自由基會加速身體氧化、衰退,使身體容易生病、增加患上癌症的機會。還原水含豐富活性氫,能有效去除體內過多的自由基,防止細胞被破壞及氧化。

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